Mediation & Arbitration

Mediation and arbitration are the two most used methods of “alternative dispute resolution,” meaning the resolution of disputes outside the court house. Mr. Rigg has served as a mediator since 1992. He was trained by the Attorney-Mediators Institute and also at the A. A. White Dispute Resolution Center in Houston, Texas. He has mediated hundreds of lawsuits and pre-suit disputes, with an 85% success rate. He also served as an arbitrator for the American Arbitration Association Construction Panel, and is knowledgeable in other areas of arbitration as well.


Mediation works best when all parties share in the payment of the mediation fee. Each party is charged a flat fee for each mediation day. A typical mediation begins at 9:30 a.m., includes a working lunch, and continues until completed. While most sessions are concluded by 5:30 p.m., a session may extend into the evening. Weekends are available for mediation if requested by the parties or required by scheduling limitations.

The fee varies with the number of parties, and with the complexity of each case. All parties represented by the same attorney or law firm are considered a single party for the purpose of calculating the mediation fee.

The daily fee includes the following services:

  • Scheduling and administering the session
  • Scheduling and administering the session
  • Conducting pre-mediation attorney conferences, as needed
  • Conducting the mediation session
  • Conducting post-session telephone facilitation, as needed
  • Providing lunch and refreshments for all present

Half-day Mediations: Half-day mediations are available in appropriate cases. To the extent the mediation continues past 6:00 p.m. or reconvenes, the additional mediation time is billed at an hourly rate, split evenly between the parties.


Arbitration services are also available for parties in need of a fair and impartial arbitrator. Fees are similar to mediation fees, except that pre-hearing and post-hearing services are charged at an hourly rate.

We have comfortable facilities that can accommodate up to 3 parties for mediation sessions or arbitration hearings. If you have questions, please call 281-242-7447 or use our Contact Us page.

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